We are here to support parents in their journey from bump to baby, into toddlerhood and beyond.  With almost 150 years of experience as a national charity we know that becoming a parent can be exciting but daunting at times.

Our Grow experiences will help to prepare you for your special arrival and will support you in your journey as a new parent. Because we care about you, your growing family and the environment we live in, we are committed to working towards using sustainable resources wherever possible,  after all, this is your child’s future.

Grow experiences are run by passionate and dedicated leaders whose priority is to support your growing family from pregnancy to preschool. All of our experiences use current practices that are proven to work, and they are delivered by a team of staff whose years of combined education and experience mean they understand what matters to you.

Our Grow values

Grow Time – unlike other services we don’t rush at the end of a session, we will always leave room for you to spend time getting to know others on your experience.

Grow Quality – we believe that you deserve a quality service and that is exactly what Grow will give you through our experiences, products, leaders and venues. Our experiences are held in warm and relaxed environments, providing an ideal way to meet others.

Grow Ethical – all of our products are responsibly-sourced, and our drinks are Fairtrade or organic.  We care about you and the environment for your little ones.

Grow Value – we care about you and your growing family and we like you to know about it, from the moment you sign up until the final farewell, we care about you feeling valued.

Small child in red dress chews on big wooden block and looks up beyond the camera
Lady looks over baby she is massaging.

The Grow family ethos

We care about you and your family, helping your child get the best possible start in life.  We provide a range of high quality experiences designed to support positive mental health and well-being for both you and your child during the first months and years of their life.

At Grow, we are committed to             

  • helping you to grow together from bump to baby and into toddlerhood and beyond
  • supporting you and your baby to discover the world around you
  • giving you an insight into your baby or toddlers development, helping them to reach their milestones
  • developing your baby or toddler’s interests, letting them discover the fascinating world around them where wonder leads to curious, imaginative babies and toddlers
  • helping you to feel more confident as a new parent, understanding that your child is a unique individual and we know that at times being a parent isn’t easy
  • helping you to recognise and understand your baby’s unique cues so you can give him/her what he/she needs

Confident babies are free to explore and learn because they know they are loved.  Confident parents are happier and more content with everyday life, ready to face the challenges.