This experience will give you an opportunity to have lots of fun with your baby.

Grow Baby Yoga is a 4 week experience which teaches a variety of yoga exercises and breathing techniques. It is a lovely extension of Baby Massage. It promotes a life-long bond between parent and baby and creates a foundation for a happy, healthy life.

Each session lasts for approximately one hour but unlike other services we don’t rush at the end of a session, we value the time for you to enjoy one of our free Fair Trade or organic teas or coffees while getting to know others in your experience more.

fresh fruit.

What can I expect?

Yoga for babies can be active and dynamic or relaxing and calming, so can offer stimulation for your baby when they wish to play vigorously; and then relaxation as they quieten down. Our qualified experienced leaders will help you learn gentle stretches and movements for you to do with your baby. It incorporates over clothes massage, breathing techniques, stretching and movements for you and your baby, as well as rhymes, actions and sensory play.

Baby yoga helps

  • maintain flexibility in the spine and joints
  • improve muscle tone and strength after pregnancy
  • stimulate the senses
  • encourage playing, bonding and relaxing with your baby
  • you learn deep breathing and relaxation techniques

Other things to consider